years are made up of moments

“‘Ah!’ said the Count to Henri, awaking from his deep reverie, ‘how the scene is changed since last I saw it! I was a young man, then, and the Marchioness was alive and in her bloom; many other persons were here, too, who are now no more! There stood the orchestra; here we tripped in many a sprightly maze–the walls echoing to the dance! Now, they resound only one feeble voice–and even that will, ere long, be heard no more! My son, remember, that I was once as young as yourself, and that you must pass away like those, who have preceded you–like those, who, as they sung and danced in this once gay apartment, forgot, that years are made up of moments, and that every step they took carried them nearer to their graves. But such reflections are useless, I had almost said criminal, unless they teach us to prepare for eternity, since, otherwise, they cloud our present happiness, without guiding us to a future one.”

-Ann Radcliffe, The Mysteries of Udolpho. Volume 4, Chapter VI.


Our Father Appreciation Book Sale

We wouldn’t be here without our fathers and to show a little appreciation we are having a week-long sale in our Etsy shop.  Sunday, June 17th through Saturday, June 23rd you’ll find everything in our Etsy shop at 10% off.  Happy reading!

FWP Etsy Fathers Day Sale 06.17.18


The Joy of Reading

have you felt a book FW background sized

Whenever I see a good book that needs a home I can’t help but rescue it the way some people rescue stray dogs.  My library is growing large and my kids will have a plethora of literary choices (once they learn to read… for now we have plenty o’ kiddie books!)  Unfortunately,  the number of books I’ve “saved” has outgrown our modest space.  I can’t bear to think of fine literature going to waste though, so now I am making available online these excellent treasures for the rest of the world to enjoy, matching up these fine books with someone desirous of their magical company.

Folks can be united with these novels at the Etsy page I share with my creator partner, Chris Monday, flyingweevil comics & more.  As booklovers ourselves, we want to share with you the universe unfolded in stories and art.  So open your mind, spread your imagination wide, and disappear into the lush surroundings found in the wonderful world of BOOKS

Get involved!

PBS’s Great American Read is happening now and you can vote for your favorite books on social media as they compose their list of America’s 100 best-loved books.

The One Book Project unites communities through reading.  Find out what books are being locally read in your area and join the discussion.