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flying weevil logo webCome to S.P.A.C.E. in Columbus this weekend!

FREE homemade Salty Coconut Flying Weevil cookies and sweet comics!

See Pascal and Chris Monday, Jed Collins, Drunken Cat Comics & myself!




a comic anthology


My artwork will be appearing in the Flying Weevil Production “My Stupid Raygun,”a comic anthology featuring fourteen artists and curated by Chris Monday.  Check out the Kickstarter campaign and video below, edited by yours truly, to learn more about this project.  If you have the funds please donate to reserve your copy of “My Stupid Raygun” before the campaign ends on April 28th!


09.27.12 Flying Weevil Interview at WOUB

Jessica Makosky, Chris Monday and Heather Hively

Chris Monday and I talk with Jessica Makosky about his comic journal, publishing books, and what Jed Collins watches on TV at Ohio University’s WOUB in Athens, Ohio.  Just click the photo to listen.  Enjoy!